G Pet Plus

G Pet Plus

The new and improved veterinary glucometer

g-PET Plus+ makes testing quick, easy and economical.

The g-Pet Plus is a species-specific veterinary glucometer. g-Pet Plus is easy to use and economical meaning that it's suitable for use by veterinarians as well as owners of diabetic pets who have undergone a brief period of training from their vets.

As a handheld device, it can be used in-practice, in the field or at home as a portable meter of blood glucose levels in cats, dogs and horses.

The g-PET Plus+ glucose veterinary monitoring system features:

·       Biosensor auto code technology

·       1.5 microlitre blood sample

·       4 reminder alarms for worry free testing

·       8 second countdown

·       300 result memory with date and time

·       Accurate results

·       Big LCD screen

·       Hypoglycaemic and hyperglycaemic indicator alarms

·       PC download option

Testing made easy with just 3 steps:

·       Step 1: Insert the test strip (metre will turn on automatically)

·       Step 2: Apply blood

·  ?   Step 3: Results in 10 seconds

G Pet Plus