The QuickVet Analyser

The QuickVet Analyser

Coagulation, Fibrinogen and Blood Typing

Bringing lab-on-a-chip technology to your practice

The QuickVet Analyser provides analytical results on a par with large laboratory analysers for PT, aPTT, fibrinogen and blood typing.

The state of the art ‘Lab-on-a-Chip’ analysis system profits from minimised manual intervention, increased speed of analysis, increased precision of data, significant cost reduction, less sample consumption and minimised operator exposure to hazardous material.

The QuickVet Analyser is:

  • Easy to use
  • Accurate, reliable and cost effective
  • Uses only 30ul of blood sample
  • Tests results are easy to understand and are available in 2-4 minutes for coagulation, 14 mins for fibrinogen and 5 mins for blood typing

Available tests include:

  • Coagulation - PT/aPTT Combo Test
  • Equine Fibrinogen - The first in-clinic and stableside Fibrinogen test available
  • Canine Blood Typing - Canine DEA 1.1 Test
  • Canine Fibrinogen
  • Feline Blood Typing
The QuickVet Analyser